Luminous Series Artist Statement

This work is meant to be a contemporary embrace of abstract expressionism. Produced as intricate portraits of serendipitous light interacting with the environment, and present an alternative sublime visual interpretation of fluid moments, captured during typical life experiences; continuing the ongoing conversation of the camera’s ability to obscure truth yet, still portray an objective allegory of simple moments in life.

Titles, at times, leave the viewer a key to decipher the photograph. Other times titles purposely lead the viewer, in the aim of encouraging or provoking conversation or as a prompt for introspective meditation.

While these evocative images may conjure up a blend of historical references, any particular homage is an unintended consequence of the artist’s life experiences. In the end, my soul objective is to make Art appealing enough to momentarily arrest you and implore you to discover a truer sense of self.

Please enjoy.


-       Ray Nard Imagemaker